Add An Inflatable Bounce House Slide to Your Next Outdoor Event


Kids love jumping! Bounce houses combined with an inflatable water slide rental, gives them a wonderful outlet for pent up energy. Especially over the warm summer months. Bounce houses can be rented alone, or in combination with an inflatable water slide for kids. Water slides may also be rented separately. These slides work with a garden hose and are inflated in less than three minutes.


Things to Consider

When looking for an inflatable water slide rental, heavy duty stitching and puncture resistant material are a must. Along with an inflatable landing pad and safety nets to prevent injury. Large vented meshed windows provide ventilation, but they also let you keep an eye on your kids. Any safety netting and windows can pose a risk for small fingers. A mesh of 1/8 inch prevent little fingers from being caught and injured.



Inflatable water slides for kids make summer more fun, but safety is also important. All bounce houses and water slides should come with safety signs and made of durable vinyl puncture resistant material. Items to look for in a bounce house include triple stitched seams, strong baffles to stabilize seams, tougher and more durable material at high use areas like the entrance, floor and upright joints where the panels meet together. This gives the structure more durability and strength.


When to Pull up Stakes

Doors should be self closing with easy to open straps, and both the bounce house and slide material need to be lead free. Anchors made of 30 to 40 inch heavy metal stakes will withstand 15 mile per hour winds and any unexpected bursts of wind. When wind becomes so strong that it makes your pants flap like a flag, you will know that the wind speed is too high, and the house and slide are in danger of ripping up the anchors and flying like a bag in the wind.


Inflating the Bounce House or Water Slide Rental

The inflatable, blower, stakes, repair kit and storage bag should all come in one box for easy handling. As you set up the bounce house and the inflatable water slides for kids, you need to make sure that the connections between the blower and inflation hose are tight and secure. Inflation of a bounce house takes less than two minutes and less than five minutes to deflate it. As the kids use the bounce house, you need to double check that the blower is connected to it at all times since that keeps it inflated. The breathable material allows air to pass through it and the seams.


Using a Bounce House

Only kids of the same size can bounce in the house and slide. The limit of how many kids can use it at the same time depends on the size of the house. Bounce houses and slides come in a variety of colors, themes, shapes and sizes and are a fun way to spend a summer afternoon hosting a birthday party or other special event.

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