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The photo booth has been a staple at parties for decades. From the old school “booth” to the modern-day digital photo booths, above all these fun tools have helped capture memories and create some of our favorite party photos.  
Digital Selfie Station Photo booth
  But what if you want more than just that? What if you’re looking for something different or unique to add to your next event? Well then, for instance our Digital Selfie Station is perfect! It’s not your average booth because it captures playful images or GIFs and delivers them right to your guests’ cell phones. So they can enjoy and share them with their friends on social media. In this article, we will discuss the vast benefits and potential uses of a Digital photo booth.  

How Does The Digital Selfie Station Work?

  The Digital Selfie Station is an interactive experience that your visitors will enjoy. They may select a still picture, an animated GIF, or a boomerang GIF when they step up to the station. After selecting their experience, guests can pick a digital prop to interact with. One and done, you can send this experience via email or text when their session is done. There are several other features, including a personalized filter or the green screen experience without the need for an actual green screen.   When you rent one from our team, we’ll come and set it up, then return and break it down. No other staff involvement is needed. All you need is to set up a 5’x5′ space for the selfie station.  

Benefits of photo booths

  Photo booths have become an important part of the guest experience at weddings, corporate events, and parties. There are many benefits to having a photo booth at your event.   Photo booths build community among guests by encouraging them to take photos together in front of the camera. With their friends inside the photo booth itself. Photo booths also add a touch of fun and excitement to any event. Therefore they encourage guests to take photos that they wouldn’t usually take in front of the camera by themselves, such as silly faces or goofy poses with their friends.  

What Events Would Benefit from a Selfie Station Rental?

  The options are truly unlimited. Any event would benefit from a selfie station because of the endless memories that are just waiting to be created. Some of the most popular events to add a selfie station would include:  
  • Weddings and Receptions
  • Corporate Events
  • Sweet 16s and Quinquennia’s
  • Fundraisers
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthdays of all ages
  Adding a selfie station will help lighten any mood and allow people to interact together in many different ways. In addition, the selfie station will help capture memories that your guests can cherish for a lifetime.  

Benefits of Not Needing a Host

  The best part? Your guests will not have to wait in line. Photo booths are a huge hit, because people love the opportunity to be silly and create memories that they can cherish forever. But photo booth lines can quickly get long at events with lots of attendees. Your guests won’t need to worry about standing around waiting for their turn in the selfie station.   The photo booth will be set up in a secure area. So your guests can feel safe about using the Digital Selfie Station. Your event staff won’t have to worry about anything being broken or stolen once it’s set up and turned on. Your guests can take all the photos they want with different props at their leisure without waiting in line.  

Benefits of Photos Going Straight to Guests’ Phones

    Your guests don’t have to wait around for their photos. Like they would at other photo booths, where you need to find your printed picture before leaving or risk having it thrown away or easily lost. Photo booths work because people love to have fun with photos, but the printing process often takes away from that. Photo booth pictures are one of a kind and always memorable since they provide an opportunity for your guests to be creative. The spontaneity of digital photo booths is why many events now include them as part of their guest experience.  

Paperless and Sustainable

  Traditional photo booths require a lot of paper and can be challenging to recycle or sort through after the event is over. All our Digital Selfie Stations include unlimited digital downloads, so you don’t have to worry about buying enough film or ink cartridges before your event begins.  

What You Need for Your photo booth Area

  Guests will need ample space around them. As they take their photos in order for the entire background image to show up on camera without any obstruction from people’s limbs getting into the shot. A minimum of five feet between where each guest stands and either side of those standing inside the selfie station should suffice.   You will need an area where the photo booth is set up with enough space for your guests to stand in front of it. The Digital Selfie Station also needs a power source nearby. Which should be easy to access since there’s no required cord beyond what comes attached to the photo booth itself.  

Booking Your Selfie Station

  After a long, stressful week at work or school, it can be nice to unwind and have some fun at whatever event or party we are going to. One way we’ve found people love to do this is by using our Digital Selfie Station! This interactive station allows your guests limitless possibilities to make beautiful memories happen.   In conclusion at Party Favor Event Rentals, we offer you and your guests many different backgrounds to use with the digital backdrop and props. Everyone will get to enjoy having tons of pictures taken that they can take home as souvenirs from your party. If you would like us to provide one of these stations for any upcoming events, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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