Your Limitless Digital Photo Booth in Medina or Cleveland

Looking to spice up your event with easy entertainment and lasting memories? You’ve worked hard to bring all of the elements together to make your celebration perfect. So, take some entertainment pressure off of you as the event host by renting a digital photo booth. 

A photo booth, or “selfie station,” is a fun activity for people of all ages. The best part is that your guests can send their photos directly to their cellphones.. As a result, your event will stick with them for years to come. 

Photo booths used to be big and bulky. But our modernly designed photos booth is a streamlined design that is easy to both set up and use. So, make your event even more memorable by renting a digital photo booth from Party Favor Event Rentals. 

What is a Digital Photo Booth? 

A digital photo booth provides your event guests the opportunity to take on the spot photos along with fun optional digital props. Sure, everyone has cameras on their smart phones, but people like to also have clear photos to share. 

Also, Imagine the ability to take your pictures and turn them into fun videos or GIFs. Our selfie station does all this and also allows your guests to add a virtual background. In other words, it is simple entertainment that everyone loves. 

Our top-of-the-line digital photo booth is powered by iPad. The system allows instant sharing to social platforms or airdropping to nearby device. 

Add More Fun to Your Events with a Selfie Station 

Add some pizzazz to your party that will encapsulate the special memories. Provide a selfie station that is a traditional photo booth with a modern feel. Encourage all your guests to stop by the digital photo booth to capture the excitement of whatever you’re celebrating. Your event will be easily shared across social channels with your customized selfie station rental. 

Why Do You Need a Modern Photo Booth? 

There are many different types of photo booths on the market, but if you’re not familiar with them it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your event. A classic booth will give guests their memories in an instant. A digital version provides more convenience and flexibility. Additionally, most people want their memories digital to share on social platforms. 

  • Modern Look 

The sleek look of your photo booth will draw people over out of curiosity. Once people are having fun with the different options, you will see it used all day. It stands tall and takes up minimal floor space. Once you rent one for your event, you will become the well-known trend setter in your circle. 

  • LED Light Attract Mode 

Our PicBox rental unit has an LED light that can be adjusted with different colors or varying levels of brightness. It provides a crisp look. And it maintains the focus on the screen where it is needed to produce a great picture or GIF. The LED light is great for photo lighting for your guests as they take their pictures or videos. 

  • Smile and Share 

Once the picture or video clip is taken, the screen prompts to text, email, or airdrop what was captured. Instant access allows for your guests to post to social media or send to friends and family immediately. That ease brings a modern excitement to a traditional concept. 

  • Eternal photographic memories 

These pictures or videos provide long-lasting memories. With our instant gratification culture, it is necessary to provide customers with these as quickly as possible. Once it is delivered guests and hosts are happy. Adding an immediate print option will add even more excitement. 

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Your Digital Photo Booth Rental Available Here 

Our photo booth setup is the #1 iPad photo booth in the industry and can make your event even more memorable. Indeed, your guests will love taking memorable photos with our modern selfie station. 

So, schedule your digital photo booth or “selfie station” rental today from Party Favor Event Rentals.