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Bounce House Slide Combos

Fall/Spring Rentals Bounce House Slides

The fun doesn’t stop when the summer is over! Bounce House Slide Combo rentals are perfect for any fall, winter, or spring event. We have combos that can accommodate anything from small children to adults. If you’re planning an outdoor party this season but don’t know what to do with your children, let us handle it! Your kids will be entertained for hours with a bouncy castle or a bounce house. Here are the top eleven reasons you need to rent a bounce house slide combo for your next outdoor event!

Bounce House Slide Combos
Fiesta Bounce House and Fiesta Bounce House Combo

Bounce House Slides Fun For the Whole Family

Bounce House Slide Combos are perfect for all ages! Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, having some backyard fun with your family, or organizing an event at school, these bouncy castles will keep everyone entertained. Everyone loves a bounce house! Bouncy houses are especially popular with kids. It’s so much fun to jump on the trampoline and have some outdoor playtime, but it can get old quickly if they’re playing by themselves. They’ll be jumping for joy when you add a slide into the mix of things! Your guests will love the bounce house slide combo, and it’s a great way to get your kids active.

Pop2k Bounce Combo
Party Favor Rentals


Bounce House Slide Combos will have all your guests coming back for more. These bouncy castles come with a slide, so it’s perfect for adults too! Adults love to play just as much as children do, especially when they can be active while having fun at the same time. Several of our bouncy house slide combos are perfect for adults and children of all ages.

Bounce House
Bouncy Castles

Lasting Memories

Bounce House Slide Combos make the perfect backdrop for your event photos! Our bounce houses come with bright colors that add fun to any photoshoot or selfie session. You can even take a few shots of the kids playing around on the bouncy houses! These bounce house slide combos are sure to be a hit.

Stress-Free Planning

Bounce House Slide Combos require very little maintenance! Unlike other bouncy houses that take a long time to put together, these bounce houses can quickly be taken down and stored for later use.

A Decorative Touch

Bounce House Slide Combo rentals add a festive touch to any party! Your bounce house will be the perfect addition to any fall, winter, or spring party. If you’re planning a birthday or want to add some pop of color for your wedding, bounce house slide combos are the way to go.


Bounce House Slide Combos are an attractive addition to any event. These bounce house combos come with bright colors that will make your party stand out! You can decorate them however you like; add some balloons, streamers, or even flowers for a special touch.

High-Quality Materials On Our Bounce Houses and Slides

You can expect high-quality bounce house materials when you rent from us. We only use the best in bouncy castles and inflatables; commercial grade vinyl that’s puncture-resistant to ensure your safety. This material is strong enough for any bounce, slide, or roughhousing! Our Bounce House Slide Combos are made with extra strong materials that are triple stitched for durability.

Versatile Design

All of our bounce house slide combos come with a safety step ladder, so you can quickly climb to the top! The ladders make it easy for children and adults alike, especially since they’re on both sides of the bouncy house. That way, parents don’t have to be the only ones climbing up and down.


Bounce House Slide Combos are great additions to any event! They’re versatile, entertaining for all ages, and safe. Bounce house rentals can be expensive, but we keep our prices competitive. We offer several styles so that you can rent a bouncy house slide combo perfect for your gathering!

Bounce House Slide Combos Are Fun for All Ages!

No matter what type of event you’re holding, bounce house slide combos are sure to be a hit with all ages! However, sometimes it can be tricky getting older kids involved in fun activities. They may be bored by the bounce house, but it’s an instant hit when they add in a slide! If you’re having an event for younger children, don’t worry about them getting tired of playing with just one activity. For example, bounce houses are great fun because kids can play on their own or interact with other players. Likewise, slides are a great addition to bouncers because they can be played in multiple ways. Not only do kids love the thrill of sliding, but it’s also an easy way for them to exit safely without having too much trouble getting down!

Jaguar Slide
Fun for all ages!!

Flexible Booking Options

Bounce House Slide Combos are perfect for any type of event! We provide excellent bounce house rentals in the Medina and Cleveland area. You can book your bouncy castle slide combo online or give us a call to get started.

Reliable Service and Delivery

Our bounce house slide combos are always clean and ready for your event at Party Favor Event Rentals! All of our rentals come with a staff to set up the bouncer. In addition, we use high-quality mats that won’t tear or break easily while maintaining their durability throughout many uses. Our staff is friendly and professional, so you can rest easy knowing that your bouncer is in good hands. We understand how important this day will be for you, and we won’t let you down! You can trust our company to deliver safe, clean equipment with trained staff who are courteous of the people around them. They’ll make sure everything looks great while having fun themselves! You won’t have to worry about your bouncer looking out of place or in bad condition when they leave. So, give us a call today or check out our inventory online! Find out for yourself why we are Medina and Cleveland’s number one source for party and event rentals!

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