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Bounce House Rentals in Medina, OH

Bounce house rentals are an iconic entertainment option for children all over the world. They are fun, and have vibrant colors, and are an eye-catching addition to a birthday celebration or corporate event.

It’s not very often that children can have a lot of enjoyment and have an entire day playing while parents sit back and relax spending time with other adults. However, our inflatable bounce house rentals provide an ideal solution to the grueling parents’ lives. Inflatable bounce houses can hold between 4-8 children simultaneously.

Children must take off their shoes prior to entering. Unless it is specifically mentioned,  water shouldn’t be added to a bounce house. But we do offer inflatable water slide rentals. We ask that you do not permit items that may damage the inflatable such as sharp objects, soap, abrasives, or any silly string. It will be a wonderful experience for your children, and they will remember the day for a long time.

To make it easier to move in and out most bounce houses and inflatable rentals come with an exit ramp with a safety feature. A safety net with a wall and enclosed entrance is among the security features that many bounce house rentals have. Rest assured that your party or event will be a hit for parents as well as children!

 Rather than attempting to save money on a cheap bounce house, it is better to rent a quality one.

Bounce houses only cost roughly $0.16 per hour to run, for a small to medium sized bounce house.

Bounce houses typically get 7-8 degrees hotter than the temperature outside.

Typically, it takes longer than a few days of running a bounce house on grass to kill it, however it will temporarily flatten it.