Frequently Asked Questions

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You can expect your rental to arrive anywhere from 8am-1:30 pm. If you need your inflatable earlier than 2pm please select the early arrival option. There is a $60 fee for this option and limited to a few requests per day. We pickup the following day.

** We do not offer same day pickup May 13 – October 14th. So during that time frame we do NOT service public parks or venues**

Tents are delivered Thursday or Friday prior to your event and picked up Monday or Tuesday after your event. **On your quote form just select the standard time frame for the DAY OF YOUR EVENT 

Setup and breakdown is included for inflatables and tent rentals.

Table and chairs will be delivered stacked and are required to be stacked back for pickup.

A delivery charge based on your rental location ( $0-$50)  We offer FREE delivery within 15 miles of 44256 Medina.

Deposits are never refundable, and are only eligible for a rain-check.

Ohio weather can be unpredictable at times. We reserve the right to cancel any event. Safety of the riders and serviceability of our units is top priority. We will make the decision by 8 am the morning of the scheduled event. We never want to cancel events and ruin a party but if we must you will be issued the option to reschedule with a 1 year rain check credit. In cases such as:

  • high winds over 20 MPH
  • temperatures below 40 degrees
  • Ice or Snow on the ground
  • steady precipitation expected all day
  • Thunder, lightening or a 70% chance of severe weather the day of the event
Once we deliver your rental equipment and weather becomes inclement, you are responsible for the entire rental fee as services were rendered.

If you decide to cancel your event due to weather, you must provide a written notice or verbal call to Party Favor Event Rentals the evening prior to delivery by 8 PM.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your rental for non-weather reasons, written notice must be provided to Party Favor Event Rentals at least 14 days prior to the event. If a 14 day prior written notice is provided, Party Favor Event Rentals will transfer any payments made to a rescheduled event or issue a “rain check” (credit) that can be used within 1 year from the original date of your event. 

TENTS: If the customer needs to cancel or reschedule their tent rental, written or verbal call to Party Favor Event Rentals at least 30 days prior to the event. If timely written notice provided, Party Favor Event Rentals will transfer any payments made to a rescheduled event or issue a “rain check” (credit) used within 1 year from the original date of your event. Rescheduled events are subject to availability. We do NOT cancel tent rentals due to weather.

If you have paid your deposit and signed your contract….your are confirmed and booked! You will receive an email that will notify you we have received your signed contract and deposit. 

For tent rentals we will text you the Thursday before your event with a delivery window. We normally set up tents on Fridays and break down on Sunday (unless you have a Friday or Sunday event, then we setup day prior and breakdown day after)

For all other rentals we will text the afternoon prior with your delivery window.

Yes, Party Favor Event Rentals is a full insured Ohio LLC. A copy of the policy given upon request at time of delivery. Municipalities, schools, churches, etc.. may contact us in advance for arrangements. For events on public property such as parks, etc., city or county parks may ask us to have a bond or special insurance policy.

Number of riders depends on the size and age of the riders. When we setup we will go over the amount of recommended riders for that specific unit. For example if you are having a party with a group of kids ranging in age from 5-6 and you rent a classic bounce, you could have about 6-7 riders at a time.

Inflatables: A 25% deposit in order to reserve. Final payment is due the day before your event.

Tents: A 50% deposit to reserve tents. The balance is due the day prior to setup.

Units should be set up on flat ground in order to operate safely. Best location would be an open, grassy location approximately 18’ x 18’ depending on the size of the unit that you have.  No power lines may be hanging above the setup area. Set up can on asphalt or concrete for an additional charge. We do NOT setup any inflatables on dirt or gravel. Products may also be setup inside but there needs to be at least a 16′ ceiling clearance and floor of about 20’x20′ for a 15×15 unit. Please let us know the location of the bounce when reserving due to different anchoring requirements. Locations also must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet otherwise a portable generator needed. Please note that the outlet used should be a GFCI 110V outlet only.

WELL WATER can damage and stain the material of our inflatables. Well water can NOT be used. If well water is used you will be charged a $500 cleaning fee.

All of our inflatables and equipment are meticulously disinfected, cleaned and serviced after each rental. We want you to be comfortable in knowing that you are providing your family and guests with fresh and hygienic rental products.


Make sure your outside plug is working. This means plug something in and test it please! We need electricity within 100 feet of the inflatable (25 feet for concessions). The second thing is, mow your lawn 2 days before, not the same day or the morning of set up. It will help keep the rental clean for your kids’ enjoyment. Also, if you have a dog, please clean the yard of any waste before we come. It will help to keep odors away while your kids are jumping, and will prevent any soiling of our unit(s). If you have a water slide rental, don’t water your lawn for a few days before your party. Water slides use a lot of water, and if your grass needs it, it will absorb it a lot better if it is dry.

Tent Rentals-

All tents secured into the ground. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to mark all underground sprinkler lines, septic fields, and etc. By law OHIO811 will survey at least 48 hours prior to installation. We will NOT install a tent on your property unless the area has been clearly marked for utilities. We will handle arrangements for OHIO811 utility marking.

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