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Planning a Graduation Party on a Budget

Graduation Party

Every graduation needs a graduation party, and planning a party that will be memorable requires you to be keen on details during the planning process.

Graduation Party Details

The focus of the party should be on the graduate with tons of details about the interests of the person graduating.   Did they play sports, were they in the band, did they graduate with honors, or maybe they were a cheerleader or football player? Regardless of their electives during school, their accomplishments should be showcased at the party.

Graduation Party Planning

Many people do not know how to plan a graduation party at home and seeking professional services may be out of your range, especially if you have a limited budget.

Here are some things to consider to make your graduation party a success

1. Party Invitations

Think about the number of people you would like to see at the party.  The guest list should be full of people who the graduate holds dear, including friends and relatives. Remember the party is about the graduate and they should live to remember this day.

2. The Menu

What type of menu would you like? What are the best salads and drinks to serve? Will it be a buffet? These questions could easily be addressed by hiring a catering service. Catering is an expense, but before you discount the idea, plan your budget and call a few caterers. This allows you to enjoy the party as well without spending days preparing food. It also allows you to be a part of the party and not just a hostess.

3. Table and Chair Rentals

Most of us do not have 50-100 chairs sitting around, and we most certainly don’t have 5-10 tables either. This is something that you will need to rent. Keep in mind that you will want to order extra to avoid your guests having to stand. You never know when an unannounced guest will show up.

If you rent tables and chairs, Tents, Party Favor Event Rentals will deliver them for you so you can check one more thing off your to-do list.

4. Fun Activities

Graduation is not just about food and speeches, but memorable activities as well. Having an organized photo session will allow your guests a chance to warm up and fuel the social interaction that parties are known for.

You should consider hiring a professional photographer that will be creative with photo session activities, or at the very least, a photo booth.

5. Graduation Cake

What is a party without cake? You can decide to bake your own cake or order one from a cake shop (recommended unless you are a professional).

You will need all the help you can get to plan a good graduation party. Depending on the age of the graduate, certain activities may be appealing and rewarding for the graduate and their friends.

For instance, if it’s a grade school or middle school graduation, you should consider some of our outdoor activity options. In this case, slides and obstacle courses are great ideas that could get you on the list of the best party planner of the year award.

Also a quick good read is this blog post. https://www.retailmenot.com/blog/how-to-plan-a-graduation-party.html

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